Squid Proxies review for proxy servers

As I have been doing a lot more SEO work lately I realised that I would need to have a batch of proxies and had been putting it off until it was absolutely necessary.

Using a small number of social media accounts and making only a few Tweets per day didn’t call for it. By using Twitter to give social media links to all my backlinks I started running into problems and knew that the time had arrived. That was for only 1000 backlinks per day getting tweeted once.

For a good boost to the number of backlinks, I recently purchased IFTTT Backlink Commando. After purchasing, the first instructional video recommended Squid Proxies. So it was now time to jump in and get some proper proxies. I had tried free ones in the past, but they were unreliable, too slow to use and restrictive.

I had seen plenty of recommendations in the past for Squid Proxies so I headed over to their website to check them out. The price of the Shared Proxies and Private Proxies amazed me, they were incredibly cheap (starting from only 65 cents per proxy). I opted for the Private Proxies.

Using PHP, I created multiple scripts to create huge automation scripts for iMacros. Basically these would set the proxy address, log into Twitter and do an action then logout. After logging out, the next proxy address and Twitter accounts would be loaded. With my switch over from one proxy account to the next was instant. The Twitter issue was now a thing of the past.

To tell how good a company is from totally positive reviews can seem fake. It is how a company can deal with issues and resolve problems is a good gauge. I wasn’t expecting any problems, but had one anyway. Two of my proxy IPs could not be used to login to Twitter, they were probably used by someone in the past that was up to mischief. A quick support ticket with the offending IP’s was quickly replied to with new proxies to replace them. Truly an amazing customer service worth mentioning.

You can use the private proxies from up to 10 different IPs. These can be changed quickly in the control panel. This is a great feature, I can have them running from my offices and from home.

I have seen other proxy services which look fine from their websites, unfortunately their speed and reliability left a lot to be desired. There was no such problem with Squid Proxies. I would definitely recommend Squid Proxies, visit their website to check out their current deals.

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